Parish Pastoral Council

Chairman: Rory McDermott
Tel: (087) 290 5874

Secretary: Grainne Power
Tel: (086) 604 5207

The parish pastoral council for Castleconnell Ahane and Montpelier was founded in 2005

In 2003 the diocese of Killaloe set out a vision for the development of the Church in the diocese. This vision is outlined in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan. At the heart of this vision is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus, the Christ and his message of hope, freedom and of new life. The Diocesan Pastoral Plan identified the need for the development of structures at parish level to do the work of Pastoral planning.

In 2005 a Pastoral Council for the parish of Castleconnell, Ahane and Montpelier was formed. Its primary purpose is pastoral i.e. to build up the local Christian communities characterised by faith, prayer, worship, service and mission. In this regard its purpose has moved beyond the “maintenance and management” model of the Parish Councils. Now is a time of change and challenge .The Church is being asked to change from being a maintaining Church to one of mission, reaching out, nourished with the message of Christ and the Spirit of the Gospel to meet the real needs of the faithful and humanity. The primary role of the Pastoral Council is to plan for enabling the fulfilment of the pastoral and spiritual life of the people of the parish.

The four key areas of focus and commitment are…..


Looking at new ways to assist adults and young people to know faith today.


Finding ways to convey a feeling of community and being included.


Helping people connect with God through the Mass and other liturgies.


Developing a caring response to human needs both inside the parish and beyond



Pastoral Council meetings are held once a month for one hour. Members may serve for a maximum term of 3 years. The number of council members is limited to fifteen.

If You feel you have an idea that would enable the work of the Pastoral Council, please contact the secretary at or Fr. William Teehan or Fr. Tom Whelan Co-Parish Priests of  Castleconnell, Ahane and Montpelier.

More detailed information on the Diocesan Pastoral plan and Pastoral Councils is available at

The Chairman Castleconnell, Ahane, Montpelier Pastoral Council.

Current members of the pastoral council : (February 2023)


  • Fr. Willie Teehan
  • Fr. James Michael
  • Rory McDermott (Chairperson)
  • Grainne McConnell (Secretary)
  • Gerry Sheeran
  • Jim Sexton
  • Clare McInerney (Hickey)
  • Sean Crowley
  • Liz Shine
  • Dolores Madden