Combined Martial Arts

Ray Hogan
Phone: (087) 665 6997

Combined Martial Arts was firned ub Castleconnell ten years ago, we started off in the castle oaks and then moved to the village. At this time we moved from the world Moo Duk Kwam under Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim Whom gave me my first black belt.

At present we are with Cobra Martial Arts Association UK and Ireland where I have now received my third black belt and going for my fourth.

Combined Martial Arts is a family run club, with my two eldest sons both 3rd and 2nd degree black belts. My youngest age 10 trains with us in Castleconnell and Lisnagry NS. My wife Helen does all the organising. We teach traditional Korean Karate call Tang Soo Do, self defence and Bunki (locks and holds).

Fitness and fun come into all our classes, through sparring and flexability you find great focus.

Student would range from 6 years to 40+; All we ever ask is to give any new technigue a go. You don’t have to be perfect to merrit praise, just willing and practice will make perfect.